Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Emmy Collins thrashes Dencia, says she look older than Janet Jackson!

Lol… Emmy Collins will not kill me. The top fashion designer and critic took to his blog to thrash our celebs yet again.  Those jibes na hammer! And Dencia’s case has nothing to do with her outfit.  Emmy shared one of Dencia’s pic from her Friday’s interview at Battersea condemning literally everything from her bleached skin to her age. Haba, how does she look over 40? Na wa o! Here’s what he wrote;

“Is she really not 30yrs old yet? If so then bleaching is really the ultimate bitch. She sure looks a few years older than Janet Jackson and she is already on the wrong side of 40.
Regardless of what this chick wants us to believe, she appears to be having a tough life because you can`t be in your early 20s and look this old if you are living a honky dory sort of life.”

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