Friday, March 28, 2014

Schools Of The Future For Internet Generation


Children of the future spend more and more time online, which inspired Sugata Mitra to create a project of a new school, in the clouds.
According to Mitra, the school in the cloud will no longer need teachers, classrooms or even books. Children will be able to contact them and get classes via Skype. The main advantage in this, according to Mitra is that now any student from any part of the world can be educated by worlds best teachers, experience education in any part of the planet and find out a lot of useful information on various cultures himself/herself.

Students could be taught in groups, to encourage communication. They could be gathered in groups of 2-5 at one computer to study together.

Mitra thinks, that modern children think differently as they are already one step forward being born in the era of technology and information.

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