Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My wife left me when she found out I'm an actor - Chidi Mokeme

Nollywood actor Chidi Mokeme in a new interview with Tribune reveals he almost lost his wife Jean after she found out he was an actor. When asked the attraction when he met his wife Chidi says…

“My wife has a very imposing presence. If she walks into a room, you have to notice her. She’s tall; she’s got a bald hair. In an age when people are killing themselves to buy a Brazilian hair and somebody walks into a room with all her hair taking off, now that’s a different kind of chick. I was so curious about her and I wanted to know more. I was in one corner of a room too getting a lot of attention as an actor from Nigeria. Convincing her to be my wife was very easy because as of the time I was going to tell her to be my wife, we had already dated and seen ourselves. So, when I brought up the issue of marriage, it was not a problem. I will say it was more difficult convincing her to be a girl friend. First and foremost, she didn’t even know who the hell I was. She was born and bred in America. She didn’t watch Nigerian movies nor had Nigerian friends. Her fascination must have been, who is this guy and why is everybody rushing to him? As a matter of fact, things became worse when she eventually knew I was an actor. She left me when she knew I was an actor. She said she couldn’t deal with somebody that everybody wants to get a piece of but later I convinced her.”

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