Tuesday, March 25, 2014

BLOODY FOOTBALL: Watch Massive Fight Breaks Out Between Football Players And Fans, You Won't Believe The League (VIDEO)


A massive fight erupted at a football match in the Italian lower league at the weekend when fans invaded a pitch and started attacking players during a game between Giugliano and Virtus Volla.
The brawl started when two opposing players were involved in an argument on the pitch and fans ran onto the field and started throwing punches.

A number of fans grabbed nearby chairs and objects and started hitting players and each other with it just behind one of the goals.

Two players from Virtus Volla were badly hurt in the attack which happened over the weekend.

It has been claimed that the attackers broke into the ground at half time prior to the mass brawl.
Though police were in attendance at the football grounds but the clip suggests no officials intervened in the brawl.

The match took place in the neutral area of Mugnano in the province of Naples.
Watch the clip here: http://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/466681/VIDEO-Mass-brawl-breaks-out-between-football-players-and-fans-in-Italy

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