Monday, March 24, 2014

Indian actor and Nigerian businessman arrested for drug trafficking

A top Bollywood actor, Nanduri Uday Kiran (29) and Nigerian national Rotimi Olusola Kehinde were today arrested by the East Zone Task Force Policemen in India for allegedly transacting a drug deal in Jubilee Hill in India.

According to India Police , Rotimi came to India on a business visa and developed local contacts in trafficking of narcotics drugs in Bangalore and Hyderabad after procuring drugs from one Hakeem, a Sudanese national residing in Delhi. They were arrested when both men were seen negotiating for the drug which cost  Rs 1,500 per gram and sold for Rs 3,000 per gram, depending on the clients needs.

15grams of hard drugs were found on both men when the were arrested. Uday Kiran acted in films like 'Parare', 'Rakshakulu', 'Yuvarajyam' and 'Facebook'.

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