Friday, March 14, 2014

Photos: Power Bike accident during CPC road show with Charly Boy

During the Consumer Protection Council (CPC) Bike Road show which was held today March 14th and led by Nigerian Consumer Ambassador, Charly Boy, a horrible bike accident occurred claiming the life of one person.

Charly Boy and other bikers were on the move during the road show when a horrible accident involving two of the bikers occurred around the Federal Secretariat, Abuja. 

The guy being carried in the pic above was later pronounced dead in the hospital, while the other guy has been hospitalized but responding to treatment at the Maitama General Hospital. 

A really sad CharlyBoy sent out his heart felt condolence to the family of the deceased biker, the one currently hospitalized and also to CPC. “I wish I could reverse the day” he said. Continue to see more photos from the accident. RIP to the man. Too sad!

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