Friday, March 21, 2014

VIDEO: Catholic Nun Shows Off Incredible Voice In Talent Show, Singing Alicia Keys No One


The Voice of Italy was suprised when a catholic nun named Sister Cristina Scuccia came on and stole the show with her amazing voice.
The catholic nun is a native of Sicily, Italy and is a member of the Ursuline Sisters of the Holy Family.
In the backroom was her fellow Sisters who jumped and clapped as she sang.

Sister Cristina Scuccia said: “I came here because I have a gift and I want to share that gift. I am here to evangelize,” she said, reports Catholic News Agency.
"If I had found you at Mass I would always be in church," said J-Ax, an Italian rapper who is one of the judges. "You and me are like the devil and holy water."
When asked what the Pope would think of her coming to such a show she said: "I hope that Pope Francis will call me now,".

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