Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Unexpected Things Women Find Sexy In Men by Happenings


So you thought all it took to woo the woman you like was your salary package, a sense of humor and chivalry? In today's day and age, the emancipated woman is looking for much more in her potential partner, if only subtly. Here are the top few unexpected things she finds sexy about you but won't tell you!

Your smell
We have not you how wearing a good cologne is absolutely essential. Women, however, are also into body odour and love a man who has a natural scent that can turn her on. If she's ever asked to keep one of your t-shirts, then consider yourself lucky.

Your touch
Women have grown up with the notion that all men are potential rapists what with the news of rape here and there. This is why she judges you every time you touch her to find out what it means. And trust us; they always know when a touch is genuine and when it's laced with malicious intent. Ensure that your touch is reassuring rather than repugnant each time.
Your secrets
Here's the thing. You may think that sharing your weaknesses and past might show you as a weakling but women want to know about your secrets. If you share your heart and reveal your vulnerable side, it tells her you are strong and sexy. There is no weakness is laying yourself bare in front of someone you love.

Your manners
Women always look for men who are not just chivalrous but also how they behave in front of their friends, elders as also how open and free you are in public. The more you are yourself in different environs; the better is your impression on her.

Your patience

No doubt we live in a fast-paced world. But if you lose your anger very fast, then you are in danger from the opposite sex. Women like strong and silent men who know exactly when to enter a debate and can get things done without losing their cool as much as possible.

Your feminine side
If you thought women only want strong and chiseled sex studs, here's a reality check. She would actually love to see your feminine side sometimes too. Whether its pampering her by preparing breakfast for her or massaging her legs after a long day at work, dropping the tough guy look and indulging your tender side can actually work wonders for you.

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