Wednesday, March 12, 2014

PHOTOS: Meet Two-Year-Old Boy Who Plays With Any Kind Of Snake


There's nothing as scary as seeing a live snake close to you but what's more scary and shocking is seeing a two-old child so comfortable and happy playing with a snake.
This is the case of a 2-year old Australian boy, Charlie Parker whose family owns a wildlife park in the country.
He is one of Australia’s youngest wildlife rangers. Although his family said they have never exposed him to the animals, he however got along with them naturally.
 "We're still shocked by his natural ability with the animals. It's quite remarkable to watch - he has absolutely no fear of them and he doesn't just handle them, he also has the knowledge. 'We've never purposely exposed him to the animals - he's just got this obsession with snakes and lizards. It must be genetic', his father said.
Apparently it runs in the family: Charlie's dad, Greg owns Ballarat Wildlife Park in Victoria.
Charlie's legs may wobble under the weight of Pablo but the snake holds no fears for him
At just two-years-old, Charlie is already an expert snake wrangler
Family are shocked by Charlie's natural ability with the animals
Charlie is comfortable with animals of all shapes and sizes, including Junior baby alligator Juniorphoto
One cannot seem to wonder the interest or love these kids have in animals like this. Just recently there was a news on a 9-Yr-Old Girl Eats, Sleeps, Lives With Anaconda, Says She Is Crazy About Snakes.
Do you think its safe for these kids to play with animals like this?

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