Wednesday, March 5, 2014

PHOTOS: German Naked Sledging Championship Shocks The Whole World With Too Much Nudity (+18)


Thousands of spectators gathered to watch the annual naked sledging championships near Magdeburg, Germany.

This championship is held annualy in February, Germany.

Not to be put off by the mild temperatures, an artificial ski slope was created.

Competitors from around the globe journeyed to Madgeburg in Germany, ready to remove their clothing and don their competitive spirit, braving the cold and the friction burns from the sleds.

Two British entrants journeyed to Germany, Holy Garshong, a firefighter from Sunderland, and Thomas Crusciel, a soldier from Eastbourne.

The event, bizarrely, doesn't actually take place on a mountain slope, but on a specially constructed 70-metre slop in the grounds of a German airport.

Whilst not an Olympic registered competition, the two events coincide, with the naked championships benefiting from the added interest in snow sports around the Olympics.

Along with the possibility of frostbitten genitals, each of the 30 finalists selected to race got approximately $1,000 in prize money just for showing up.

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