Monday, March 3, 2014

HORRIFIC: Militants Cut Off Man’s Hand, Post On Twitter (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)


An extremist group calling themselves ISIS (Islamist State in Iraq and Syria) have claimed responsiblity for the sickening images posted on Twitter where a man's hand is being cut off.

People watch as man's hand is chopped off
The man's hand was cut off in the northern town of Maskanah, near Aleppoin Syria.
It was gathered that the victim was thief who had admitted his crimes and also asked to be punished that way to cleanse his sins.

Man's hand about to be chopped off
The photographs and tweets have since been removed from Twitter and the account that posted the photos has been suspended.

Man's hand chopped off with a sword
ISIS, a pro-Al Qaeda Jihadist group founded in April 2013 and grew out of Al Qaeda's affiliate organisation in Iraq.
It is chiefly composed of overseas fighters and is understood to be one of the main Jihadist groups fighting government forces in Syria.

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