Friday, March 7, 2014

Harry Nnoli Presents: 'You're Hired'! The Job Seekers Guide Book!

Youth unemployment in the country has reached a phenomenally high level, with official statistics even affirming its assumption of a crisis situation.  One of the reasons responsible for the high rate of graduate unemployment in Nigeria has been identified as the lack of requisite skills to meet the job requirements of employers. 
The Book “You're Hired” provides solution to this dilemma. The book shows the essential elements top employers seek when hiring and provides the three key strategies for getting hired. It shows how to identify the strongest qualities a candidate has for any job interview and additionally, provides the most appropriate responses to typical job interview questions. Continue...
Furthermore, it shows the employee the 7 essential elements of career success and it also comes with practice worksheets to help the candidate apply the key learning of the book and position him or her perfectly for the next dream job.
About the Author
Harry Ike Nnoli (Twitter @HarryNnoli) is a management strategist, business philosopher, and motivational speaker. He has more than twenty years of experience in marketing, sales, and business management. He has worked in roles up to the chief executive management level in multinational corporations across diverse industries, and He is the founder of Smiles Training & Consulting and the host of the motivational program, Positive Difference, which airs on radio and other platforms and inspires listeners to become their best, irrespective of circumstances. He brings a balanced perspective to personal and professional development.
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