Thursday, March 6, 2014

FUEL SCARCITY: Desperate Women Join Men To Do This


photoAs the fuel scarcity continues to bite harder in various parts of Nigeria, people have resorted to various means of survival.
The Nigerian Railway Corporation’s (NRC) Taskforce who had yesterday gone to arrest passengers who were sitting on the roof of the train coaches were shocked to find women among such passengers.
The women who were desperate to get to their destination threw caution to the wind and joined their male counterparts on top of the roof of the train.
The women were said to have joined in the act due to congestion in the coaches which is as a result of the current fuel scarcity in the country and also a reduction in the train services from four to three.
The NRC following the derailment of one of its Mass Transit Trains at Ikeja had reduced the services to three on Wednesday morning, which left hundreds of passengers stranded at the trains’ stations.
The members of the taskforce could not take any action as the number of people on the roof was beyond comprehension.
It was learnt that those on the roof outnumbered those in the coaches.The number of passengers on the roof was more than those in the coaches.
The NRC has however promised to restore normal services in the evening after removing the derailed train at Ikeja.

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