Sunday, March 23, 2014

FINALLY! It's Here At Last, The Reason Maheeda Has Been Posting Crazy Naked Pictures Lately


Controversial gospel singer turned internet sensation, Maheeda, has finally dropped the video she has been promoting online for the past couple of months.

'9ja bad girl' as she likes to call herself has been working on a new song, as she made us know, and now it's time to check it out.
The part of everything that has kept a lot of people waiting on this video would be her promo photo shots. Maheeda went all out of her clothes and even threw in a couple gymnastic moves naked, just to promote this new single.
The single 'Las Gidi Chic' has an upbeat tempo, very colorful and clear pictures, and surprisingly not as much nudity as the singer is popularly known for, there is also not a single naked scene in it, as her promo shots would have made some people believe.
Compared to her previous video 'naija bad girl', one could say she got things more subtle in order to appeal to a larger audience, and permit replays on tv.
If you are one of the fans who are concerned about lyrics, don't miss out her references to other singers Beyonce and Rihanna.
Check out video below;

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