Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dear CAB readers: Should I marry this guy?

From a female CAB reader
I’ve dated this guy for five years now.  During these periods we’ve been having series of problems. On one occasion he beats me up on the process dislocate my finger (which is still paining me) all because I meet another lady in his house. He embarrassed me several occasions (calling me names and shouting) in front of my office, my house and on the road. All these happen when he had no job. His intentions had always to marry me but because of his peevish, nagging and jealous attitude I was keeping the marriage on hold. Despite all this I think he’s the only man that ever showed me true love.
Early last year God blessed him with a good job and that was the period I told him I don’t think I can continue with him again. since he has gotten  a GOOD JOB, he should go and look for someone that will cherish him more. But he insisted that am the one he wants, that he’s a changed person.  We drag it till December 2013 when I expected him back.
Since this year I’ve not set my eyes on him, though we are staying in the same town. I don’t know where he’s leaving now because he moved from his old apartment.  Anytime I called to see him. He’ll give me an excuse but recently he called to tell me that I should please give him sometime to settle everything. That he wants us to start a new leaf, which I believed him somehow.
My fear now is whether he has truly changed from his attitude because I don’t want to end up marrying the same old him.

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