Friday, March 14, 2014

CHECK Out Major Reasons Why Men Are Afraid To Marry Successful Women


Some men can't stand successful women let alone get married to one. There has been many reasons attached to this, but we've brought to the commons reason some men have issues with a successful women.
Check out some of the reasons below;
One personality disorder that most people suffer is low self esteem, hence, men are not exempted from this. Low self esteem is rating yourself so low while comparing yourself with another person. If some men could be wise to know what a woman wants, you will not allow self esteem issue to belittle your real worth. Marriage is not about comparison. If it were to be, everybody will be looking out for their mate (with the same IQ, temperament, maturity or understanding) to marry. Men needs to change their perception about this kind of ladies if love is the drive for the relationship.
When a thing is under-studied, it will be very difficult to handle it properly. One thing that has been discovered is that men in this category lack the understanding of how to deal with these kind of ladies. Apart from the fact that some of them could be disrespectful or proud, women can easily be handled if you deal with them in knowledge. What makes a man a player? His ability to deceitfully play with the life of a woman. But if a woman is well studied and understood properly, there is a way to love her and she will worship you irrespective of her achievements or status.
A key factor that prevents men from marrying educated/rich ladies is fear. How will I cope with her? How can I fit into her life and status? Many ‘how’ are the questions most men ask themselves. If your main reason for marrying her is ‘love’, I mean true love; not for her money or status, I see no reason why you should be afraid of asking her hand in marriage. A lot of men are afraid because they felt they will be too expensive to manage. Money does not make a good marriage but genuine love and a handful of money.
There are some things that lack an element of truth which most people do accept as true. Of such is that wealthy or educated ladies cannot make a good wife or better mothers. Men are the carrier of this belief, hence it is untrue. When a woman makes up her mind to be good, nothing can change that decision except she is treated harshly. Do not join the society to spread this unbiased belief about women

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