Monday, March 24, 2014

'Cemetery Restaurant' Where Customers Eat With Dead People (PHOTOS)


What's more bizzare than entering a restaurant to eat only to discover dead bodies are been buried inside and customers are allowed to dine with the dead.
Well this is the case of an  Indian restaurant named New Lucky Restaurant which was built on an old Muslim cemetery with dozen grave sinside the restaurant.
The owner of the restaurant,  Krishan Kutti doesn't seem to worry if customers will actually come around to eat in such a place rather he says the graves are great for his business.
According to Kutti: "The graveyard brings good luck. Our business has been flourishing because of these graves. It gives people a unique experience"We have maintained the graves as they were. Our customers don't seem to mind."
Kutti who says he has little idea who the graves belong to said:
"We begin our day by paying respects to the graves. We wipe them and cover them with cloth and also shower flowers on them. It is important to respect the dead,".
Meanwhile customers don't seem to be bothered by the graves as the restaurant has even become quite a popular hang-out.

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