Monday, March 10, 2014

3 rounds of morning sex a day will give you a healthy heart. *cough*

If you're in a committed relationship or married, then you need to read this. *wink*. It's the health benefits of morning sex found on
According to Queen’s University in Belfast, the best cardio workout in the morning is three rounds of sex. It will give you a healthy heart, supposedly. Below is a list for the health benefits of morning sex
• Improves blood circulation therefore reducing blood pressure.
• Flushes out 300 calories an hour, reducing your chances of diabetes.
• You don’t have to worry about migraine.
• Joint pains, especially arthritis, will ease.
• Sex without condoms will leave you happier and ward off depression.
• Natural glow is what we are looking for; this could be your answer.
• The release of hormones guarantees silky, shining hair.
• Sexual anxiety takes a back seat, nothing can bring you down.
• Improves your immunity by increasing the production of antibody IgA.
• Men can last longer, since they’re fresh from a night’s rest.
• A great way to wake up and energise yourself.

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