Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What Speaker House Of Rep, Tambuwal Has To Say About The Way The Government Is Handling Yobe School Massacre


Aminu Tambuwal, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Tuesday, expressed his disapproval over the way the federal government is handling the barbaric killings of the Yobe state school children by the boko haram sect which occurred on February 25, 2014.
Tambuwal who warns that Nigerian government is failing to protect its innocent citizens in a speech to legislators said:
“In my brief statement immediately after that attack, I warned that Nigeria is running out of excuses for our failure to live up to our responsibility to protect our citizens. Today I wish to amend that comment and declare that we have run out of excuses. We no longer have any excuse for our inability to protect our innocent defenseless children from gratuitous violence” He said
Tambuwal who told lawmakers at a sitting declared “A Day of Mourning” told them to imagine if the murdered children were their kids, thereby advising them to express their “outrage”.
“Whatever grievances the terrorists harbour against the government of Nigeria, Nigeria’s innocent children have nothing to do with it. It is therefore an act of cowardice worthy of ringing condemnation to target the children, to strike at those who are not only innocent but are also unable to strike back or defend themselves.”
“If a tragedy of the Buni Yadi magnitude does not bring us together as one nation, if the loss of our innocent children whose only offence was that they went to school to gain education and wisdom in preparation for a future of service to Nigeria and humanity does not unite us in grief, then we need to ask ourselves if we truly meet the basic spiritual requirements of nationhood,” he said.

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