Monday, March 17, 2014

MAIDUGURI UNDER ATTACK AGAIN: Multiple Explosions, Sporadic Gunshots, 207 Boko Haram Militants Killed (PHOTOS)


Maiduguri is under yet another attack. This is coming after the state was yesterday, attacked by the Boko Haram terrorists.
There has been yet another multiple explosions and gunshots this morning, Saturday at about 8:15am at the general area of the barracks.
Just yesterday the state experienced three large explosions suspected to be major bomb blasts.
As a result of the attacks, the Army, yesterday imposed a 24-hour curfew following the multiple explosions and gun battle between the Soldiers and the Boko haram insurgents after the terrorists targeted the Giwa Barracks In Maiduguri in an attempt to free their friends.
Unfortunately for them, the Nigerian security agents were prepared for them as it was reported at least 207 Boko Haram Insurgents who came on a rescue mission were killed by a local vigilante group known as the civilian JTF and many weapons discovered.
The terrorists who decided to retaliate the death of their members regrouped and relaunched another attack on the barracks early this morning, Saturday.
Members of the civilian, JTF said they counted at least 207 corpses of suspected Boko Haram members killed during clashes with government troops early Friday.
According to a security source who disclosed the Boko Haram sect on Friday succeeded in breaking the cell where their members were detained in an attack, but were overpowered by the Military officers said:
“It was a bad experience on Friday, but the soldiers fought them gallantly, they killed them and even the remnant who tried to attack the barrack again on Saturday did not succeed as they were intercepted before coming close.
“As we speak, the corpses are being moved out of the area. They came in through Fori, but it was bad news for them”.
“Those who were killed during the attack on Saturday are some Arabians. They would not succeed, and I believe their end has come”, he added.
According to an eye witness close to Giwa Barracks who also reside in the area said that the ongoing multiple explosions and sporadic gunshots have forced many residents flee the area.
The Nigeria Military has since shut down telephone lines in Borno as they continue to raid the camps of the Boko haram terrorist.

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