Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Legendary Prophet T.B. Joshua In December Predicted Russian War


In the course of conflict escalation between Ukraine and Russia along the two countries border, the 3-month old prediction by Prophet T.B. Joshua that Russia may face war soon is being recalled.
Photo: T.B. Joshua predicted war in Russia
The controversial African cleric predicted the crisis several months ago, when he said on Sunday December 19, 2013:
"Pray for the nation, Russia, because I am seeing war coming against them. Their leader will face opposition. Pray for them."
The message was delivered live via his religious television station Emmanuel TV, reportedly viewed by millions.
The famous Nigerian clergyman has reportedly predicted several world events by now, including the sudden death of Malawian leader, Bingu wa Mutharika, the terrorist attack in Boston and the demise of pop legend Michael Jackson.
It would be recalled that at the time of the said prophecy, peaceful protests continued in Kiev, Ukraine capital, over people’s discontent with the Russian influence, President Viktor Yanukovich's performance and the refusal of his government to work with the European Union.
However, in the middle of February the protest turned violent with the scores of people, including several military, killed and hundreds severely injured.
Prophecies by the controversial T.B. Joshua are taken seriously by numerous African politicians and celebrities, though he is also criticized by many. 

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