Sunday, March 9, 2014

JANJAWEED REMARK: PDP Stands By Its Statement, Says APC Are Anarchists


The ruling Peoples Democratic Party has said it "stands by its statement" about the manifesto of the All Progressives Congress, this time adding that the document is a "roadmap to perdition".
President Goodluck Jonathan Addressing the crowd at the PDP zonal rally in Minna on March 8, 2014. Credit: Reuben Abati
President Goodluck Jonathan Addressing the crowd at the PDP zonal rally in Minna on March 8, 2014. Credit: Reuben Abati
The parties have started to exchange 'plesantries' after the APC's unveiled its road map on Thursday.
Later that day the PDP said the document was a "product of Janjaweed ideology", and the APC replied today that the ruling party was using religion to divide Nigerians. 
In a statement issued by its National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh, on March 9, the PDP said that the ideology of APC was "completely anarchist" as were those ofthe Janjaweed, and the Anti-Balaka and the Seleka of the Central African Republic.
The party also denied the APC'c allegation that it was engaged in Islamaphobia.
The PDP said it was impossible to associate the APC with Islam or any other religion as no religion encourages "the promotion of violence, greed, destruction and lust for power which are the trademarks of the APC". It also urged its rival to stop "hiding under Islam to curry public sympathy".
Cardinal sins against the national interest
The PDP stated that by "working tirelessly to ensure that they make the country ungovernable for President Goodluck Jonathan", the opposition party showed that its members "do not believe the truth in the Koran that power belongs only to Allah and that, in His infinite grace and wisdom, He gives power to anybody he chooses".
Criticizing the APC's manifesto, the ruing party said that while the roadmap promised free education, students in Lagos state have been protesting against imposition of high school fees – a sign that people in the state are "groaning under the burden of heavy taxes to finance the wasteful lifestyle of APC leaders".
The PDP also said that
"the APC actually launched 7 (seven) cardinal SINS against the national interest namely: 1. Deceit and propaganda, 2. Violence and destruction. 3. Lust for power. 4. Greed for money and insatiable acquisition of wealth. 5. Multiple and over-taxation. 6. Promotion of religious/tribal divisions and 7. Lack of respect for democratic tenets and principles."

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