Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Boy Tried To Kill Himself Because He Couldn't Take Perfect Selfie


Danny Bowman used to spend 10 hours a day trying to make a perfect selfie and not being able to find the right one among 200 photos.
Photo: Danny Bowman wanted to take a perfect selfie
At the age of 15 he stopped leaving his house... all his life was dedicated to selfies, which he got totally addicted to.
The boy even tried to commit suicide by taking an overdose, because he could not shoot the right photo.
His mother wanted to help him, but she later realized that her teenage son needed special medical help.
The 19-year-old Danny, who is being successfully treated and has not photographed himself for 7 months by now, confessed: "The only thing I cared about was having my phone with me so I could satisfy the urge to capture a picture of myself at any time of the day."
The recent 5 years the selfie craze has been associated not only with regular social pages users, but also with top-notch celebrities, politicians and even clerics.
Meanwhile some doctors already claim that selfies have already become a mental illness.
Do you agree?

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