Wednesday, March 5, 2014

ASK CAB: He Wants To Make Me His Wife But His Father Was My Sugar Daddy...Should I Tell Him Or Not?


This lady is confused and needs your advice if she should tell the man she's in love with that his father used to be her sugar daddy.
While I was in school, I was 22 when I dated a 52 year old very rich man because I needed his money. He made sure we were as discreet as possible and I never got to know anything about him or his family, I only knew his name.
Fast-forward to seven years later, I met this gorgeous gentleman who has shown interest in taking me as his wife. Now he took me home to his mum and I discovered his late dad was my former sugar lover.
Do I tell him the truth as regards my relationship with his dad since love has no secrets or forget about it since the man is dead?

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