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2-Day Pest Control And Fumigation Training In Abuja, Port-Harcourt And Lagos


Become  CEO of  a fumigation company by attending a comprehensive two days training  on pest and rodent control basics. Our training programs extend well beyond the classroom. 
Rainy season is near when rodents moves into our houses for shelter, snake season is eight months long while cockroaches’ population increases all year long. This training is coming up when demand for pest control service is always on the high side due to increase in infestation due to season.
Those involved in the pest control business can be regarded as guardians of public health as the work they carry out can improve the environment people live in. While many would consider it a straightforward job, it can in fact be complex and interesting work requiring a fair amount of knowledge to carry out well. It follows, therefore, that the workers in the trade need good pest control  training to ensure they are properly equipped to effectively carry out the work and understand what is involved.
The overall aim of a good pest control specialist is to practice integrated pest control. This is where all the knowledge they have gained through training and experience is used to implement a three stage plan for pest control, the three stages being prevention, observation and intervention. Prevention is obviously the best solution although observation and intervention will be required in many cases to deal with a pest.
Training is a key part of gaining the required knowledge for planning and implementing an integrated pest control strategy which will effectively deal with pests without harming the surrounding environment or the health of other species.
It is fairly obvious that training is an important facet of becoming a good pest control professional. Someone looking to enter the business should understand this and be prepared to undertake and also enjoy the training required so that they can gain the knowledge required.
Pest control providers have hundreds of pesticides to choose from. Price, toxicity, target and effectiveness range greatly and it is up to the provider to learn and understand which products will control specific pest problems best while minimizing their overall footprint.We will give out materials on how to  effectively control target pests with either non-toxic or low-toxic EPA ratings. The possible risk to humans and pets is minimized because these products target very specific areas and functions of insects and rodents. The ecological effects (toxicity to birds and fish and pesticide bioaccumulation) and environmental fate (the persistence of pesticides in soil, breakdown in plants and solubility in water) is either minimal or nil.
Why do I need this training?
To administer professional pest control services you’re required to be professionally trained, and if you’re using pesticides, you have a legal obligation, under the Control of environmental laws, to be adequately trained and competent. You also have a safety obligation to the environment, other people and non-target species, as well as yourself. By attending our courses, participants will learn how to control pests and rodents safely, legally and effectively, safety precautions and relevant license to operate in Nigeria.
Ever since year 2012, Rotimax has been involved in training of pest control professionals who are currently doing well independently, So you know you’re getting expertly trained professionals.

Starting out in pest control  industry and  basic requirements for successful pest control service?
Safety tips before and after fumigation and potential environmental consequence of misuse of pesticides.
Relevant license to operate as a pest control service provider in Nigeria and how to get them.
Target market, marketing strategy and customer service in pest control industry.
Quotation strategies in pest control industry.
Pest habits,identification,damage,recognition and life history of selected prominent pest in Nigeria
Rodent control strategies and choices of rodenticides.
Choice of pesticides,application and formulation.
Equipments types, maintenance and calibration and required personal protective equipments.
General, exotic and aquatic weed control
Practical follows with three different equipments and certification.

Course fee: N25,000 For training, certification, and materials.
Course duration: 2days. ( March 21th  Friday and Saturday March 22nd in Abuja, while portharcourt and Lagos follows immediately.
There is an option on duration for those who won`t be available to attend on Friday, they can choose to attend two Saturdays running concurrently.
Date; March 21st and Saturday 22nd 2014
Time; 10am to 4pm on Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturday.
Venue; Tower reach plaza@pk,opposite 62rd junction i.e 2nd right turn after charly boy house,Abuja model city Galadima,Gwarimpa II,Abuja.
Date: March 28th and March 29th 2014.
Time; 10am to 4pm on Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturday.
Venue ;Acceptable Associates Training Hall.
No 27,Saint Andrews street,Rumuobiakani. Port Harcourt.
Date: April 4th and April 5th 20th 2014.
Time; 10am to 4pm on Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturday.
Venue: The Excellence hotel ,Ogba. Lagos state

Who to attend?
Employees desiring to be independent soon, graduates who are yet to be gainfully employed and everybody that wants to be an expertise in pest control industry, pest controllers that want to develop more on the job.
For more info please call these nos.
Blackberry PIN: 2A8E4FC9

Below are few testimonials from our participants in the last training held at excellence hotel Ogba, Lagos on Feb 28th and march 1st 2014.
I would like to thank Rotimax for offering the Pest control training. At first, I was not that excited about going; but once we got started, I looked forward every session. It was also so nice to meet other participants. All in all, it was a great experience. I truly appreciate how organized everything was. I never felt as though my time was being wasted. Thank you again for all of your hard work."
Mr Ademola Olaolu ( A banker from Lagos 08088109894).
I want to thank you for putting together such a great and comprehensive training on fumigation and pest control. I enjoyed all of the sessions and feel that I have learned some valuable skills to use in my company. Everyone participated with such enthusiasm and had so many good questions. I am glad to have been part of this valuable program."
Mr Walter A omen (A business man that travelled down from port Harcourt to attend the training 07038305390)

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