Thursday, October 31, 2013

Man Tackles Hospital For Killing His Wife & Baby



A 46-year-old tipper driver, Yesiru Ajayi, has accused a private hospital, Iyaniwura Medical Centre, of killing his pregnant wife while conducting an operation on her.
Neither the mother nor the child survived the incident, which occurred on October 25 2013, in the Mowe area of Ogun State.
The hospital management also allegedly demanded the payment of N156,000 from the father of four, before the corpse would be released to him which resulted in a fracas in the hospital as relatives of the deceased fought with the doctors and nurses.
Ajayi said, his wife, Rashidat was initially registered with the Sagamu General Hospital but because of the doctors’ strike, he had to register her at Iyaniwura and she had undergone two different scans. The first was done when the pregnancy was three months and again at seven months. They were allegedly told by the clinic that all was well.
Two weeks before Rashidat died, however, she reportedly complained of pains all over her body and was taken to the hospital. She was already past her Expected Date of Delivery.
“She told me it was not labour pain. After she saw the doctor, he told her to come back on Friday (last week). He said if she still did not feel any labour pain, that he would give her a drug to induce labour.
On the appointed day, his wife went to the hospital by 9am and when he got there by 8pm, his wife was still in the labour room cpmplaining of severe pains. He was later asked to sign some papers so they could carry out an operation on her and after a while, the doctor later called him to say that Rashidat did not make it.
He alleged that his wife’s death was caused by the drug she was given to induce labour. He also said the baby girl,  whom the doctors delivered, was still alive when he saw her. However, a few moments later, he observed a nurse blocking the baby’s nose, saying she had died.
The Medical Director of Iyaniwura Medical Centre, was said to have travelled to Abeokuta when journalist called at the hospital at Ogunjobi Falana Close, Mowe.
A doctor on duty, Ogechukwu Nnarom, however, dismissed the claim that the hospital was not competent to perform the surgery. He said the problem was that she had had many children, so her uterus had expanded and she started bleeding because her uterus ruptured and the surgery was meant to save her life not bring out the baby.
Nnarom made no mention of any drug given to Rashidat to induce labour. He also made no mention of the money demanded by the hospital before the corpse would be released.

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