Wednesday, October 30, 2013

VIDEO: You'll Never Look At Sexy Models The Same Way Again


photo - VIDEO: You'll nEVER Look At Sexy Models The Same Way Again
Adobe Photoshop, a graphics editing program, was created to help both professionals and ordinary people to create artwork conveniently, or to edit their photos, images, etc. to make them look more aesthetic.
Today, Photoshop is used to enhance and clean up the imagery on many (if not all) of the pages in perhaps every type of print media.
No secret is the fact that this tool is very often used to retouch photos of fashion/healthy lifestyle, etc. models in advertisements, enhancing their beauty.
Sometimes, the differences between the raw image and the edited version are subtle and hard to notice. But it is shocking to know that even the world-famous top models are not perfect enough!
Below is another example of an excellent work by a Photoshop professional. You'll never look at beautiful, skinny, leggy, busty, sexy models the same way again!

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