Thursday, October 31, 2013

53 Nigerians Arrested For Protesting A Murder Of A Fellow National In India


Goa, India - Fifty three Nigerians were detained today after a mob of about 200 of them blocked a National Highway over the death of a fellow national, prompting the Goa government to announce a major crack-down on foreign nationals living in the state without proper documents.
The mob blocked highway after allegedly ransacking the police hearse van that was carrying the body of a Nigerian, who was found dead with multiple stab wounds last night, police said.
Following the incident, the police would comb the entire state and locate Nigerians and other foreign nationals staying without visa and other documentation.
Police officers said that the murder was fall-out of a gang rivalry in the drug trade.
Of the 53 Nigerians who were detained today, those involved in the ruckus would be arrested and the documents of others would be verified, the police said.
Locals people were said to have brutally beaten up two Nigerians protesting on the road, who were admitted to the district hospital. Locals who assaulted the Nigerians would also be booked, the assured.

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