Monday, December 30, 2013

Brand new sitcom - Aduke Hotel, set to premiere 4th of January 2014

Ever heard of a hotel managed and operated by four individuals only? Well, that's the story of Aduke Hotel; a 90s hotel striving to compete in the modern day hospitality business, despite being vehemently stuck in its 90s way. No thanks to Engineer Babatope Adigun, - a.k.a Grandpa - a retired railway worker who in a bid to preserve his late wife's memory, ensured the hotel implemented little or no change over the years that followed her demise. Continue...

However, with the hotel constantly recording losses and newer hotels with avante-garde practices emerging all around the city, Grandpa knows it is time to take desperate actions. And take desperate action, he does. Grandpa fires what is left of the hotel staff and recruits the services of new personnel to run the operations of the hotel.

The only problem is, his new personnel are his live-in grandchildren - the ever-mischievous and self-obsessed Ranti alongside his love-obsessed sister, Oluchi - and a young overzealous female relative from the village - Odiriverere Dupe Emokpae a.k.a. who in all honesty, interprets everything literally.

Add the permanently resident Cynthia, an adventurous university student placed under Grandpa's guardianship by her dad, coupled with the ever-youthful old man, Uncle Joe, a close buddy of Grandpa and voila, the Aduke Hotel crew is in full swing.

Guns blazing and with the arrogance of youth the young ones possess, they all throw themselves into the operations of Aduke Hotel. Sometimes they enjoy success, most times they do not. But regardless of how much the family business is falling apart, the love they have for each other never goes away.

Shot on location at Ultima Studios, Aduke Hotel boast of a cast that is the perfect blend of the veterans and the up and coming in the Nigerian television and film industry such as - Ayo Lijadu (Grandpa), Kayode Odumosu (Uncle Joe), Omoye Uzamere (Oluchi), Gabriel Afolayan (Ranti), Ruth Jacobs (Odiriverere), Meg Otanwa (Cynthia) and a host of other brilliant talents.

Kick-start your new year with a festival of laughter as Aduke Hotel promises to deliver all the laughs and excitement every great sitcom should. Just in case you are in doubt, enjoy the teasers below and be the judge....

Aduke Hotel will premiere on the 4th January, 2014 on the following TV stations:

STV - every Sunday, 7:30pm (also on DSTV, channel 131), GET TV - every Sunday, 7:30pm (Startimes, channel 129), Every Wednesday, 9:30pm (repeat broadcast)

Aduke Hotel is an Ultima Studios production, directed by Bayo Alawiye and executively produced by Femi Ayeni.

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