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OPINION: Open Letter to Dame Goodluck Jonathan


Open Letter to Dame Goodluck JonathanMADAM, l am not too sure which side of the divide this open letter to you will put me because the line between conventional and unconventional is too thin for the uninitiated to observe. In addition, we are in the season of open letters but l can assure you that this is not one of those.
Pardon the means of delivering this to you so that you can take keen interest in the content. In other words, discard the messenger to concentrate on the message.
Madam, there are two reasons of writing this let to you which you need to know quickly before telling you the purpose. One, l am from the Niger Delta as you know but should you have forgotten, my name would easily tell you that fact. To that extent, you are my sister. The second reason is my difficulty getting across to my brother; your husband, President Goodluck Jonathan, for a few privileged advice that l need to give to him. Wisdom tells me that passing through you would clear me faster into my brother’s presence because of the urgency attached to what l must tell him. Now that you know the two reasons, let us go to the purpose.
There are various contentious issues begging for understanding of my brother; your husband, and it seems he does not know what to do about them at all. Yet these issues shall unfailingly decide his [meaning yours too] occupancy of the Villa as from 2015. But for purpose of time and space let us take one today, hoping l shall, by the grace of the Editor, write more to you.
Let us look at Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, the Governor of the CBN claims that some money of crude oil sales is yet to be accounted for by the NNPC.
Madam, let us establish few facts from Sanusi’s presentation, both as recorded in his letter to the President and when he appeared before the Senate last week Tuesday as following:
[1] Sanusi did not say money was stolen.[2] Sanusi did not say there were thieves somewhere in the NNPC who stole the money in contention.
[3] Sanusi did not say that there are thieves within the systems, neither did he presents same  [the thieves] for prosecution.
[4] Sanusi did present to your husband, ditto the whole country, facts of crude oil lifted and exported by the NNPC.
[5] Sanusi, as a matter of fact, by simple mathematics, presented the America Dollar amount  of the crude oil exported by the NNPC; fact pulled from NNPC account of export – to wit $67 billion.
[6] Sanusi, as a matter of fact, told us how much of that money [in Dollar] that NNPC paid back to the Federated account – to wit $47 billion.
[7] Sanusi concluded, by simple mathematics, that there is a balance of that sales yet to be remitted into the Federated account – to wit $20 billion.
[8] Sanusi, as a matter of fact, pointed to a Presidential [late Yar’Adua] order prohibiting NNPC from paying subsidy on Kerosene.
[9] Sanusi, as a matter of fact, said that there has not been any other Presidential Order [either from later Yar’ Adua or Goodluck Jonathan] countering the originating Presidential [letter] Order.
[10] Sanusi, as a matter of fact, pointed out that NNPC still imports Kerosene at N150 per litre and “sell” same to “Nigerians” at N40 per litre. This can easily be verified.
These are just few facts of Sanusi’s presentation. Madam, permit me to reveal to you, on good authority of course, that every point Sanusi presented ORIGINATED, in the first instance, from NNPC records except the balance of the unremitted money. All the transaction is based on “how many barrel of crude oil exported”. Again, this could only have originated from NNPC.
Once NNPC graciously gives out the figure of “exported crude oil”, NNPC cannot, l repeat, cannot gag anyone from arriving on what the balance of the remitted money is, for just one simple reason: the modus operandi of marketing, sharing formula of all the participating parties, prices of the exported crude oil, existence of a Federated account where the remitted money is paid into, plus other logistics along the line of transactions are all in public domain. This is the fact Madam.
It means therefore that Sanusi‘s presentation of facts are good enough to be looked into and good enough to be investigated. And if these are established, they constitute the “facts needed to secure conviction” in the courts, as the Law would say.
Ipso facto, it shall never be enough just to throw these facts, of destructive corruption, away in a fiat all because of the idiosyncrasy of the whistle blower – Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. Tell your husband, my sister, to separate the man – Sanusi – from the facts he puts before him, as well as in the public domain, concerning the NNPC matter.
There is uncontrollable stealing of Nigerians’ common wealth, going on at the NNPC on daily basis. There is a god of corruption presiding in the Kingdom of darkness at the NNPC at all times. The rule at the NNPC, which of course is the reflection of the Nigerian larger society, speaks of “a government of armed robbers for armed robbers by armed robbers”.
Madam, l shall send you another letter next week with other facts on the corruption and stealing going on at the NNPC and the Nigerian oil industry generally. I shall also, with your permission though, say few words about the man; Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, point out the admission of the Minister of Finance that money was actually missing, the wicked antics of the NNPC since the whistle has been blown and above all, the manipulative structure being put in place, including hiring of a consultant last week for this mess.
Please, read these letters Madam, as that becomes the only way for your husband, my brother, to have facts of the issue of corruption, acts on it with godly alacrity and secure his [ditto yours Madam] tenure of the Villa beyond 2015.
Your dearly cherished brother.
By Godwin Etakibuebu
Note: the views expressed in this article are author’s own and may not necessarily represent the editorial policy of
*Mr. Etakibuebu, commentator on national issues, wrote from Warri, Delta Stata. 

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