Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Groom Abandons Bride At RCCG Church, You Won't Believe Why (See Photos)


Bride & Groom
After keeping guests waiting for about two hours the groom came out and announced to the astonished guests that he was no longer interested in the marriage.
Souvenir from the wedding
The bride, Cynthia who insisted she was not pregnant did another pregnancy test in a different hospital which came out negative. The church did a second test with their own doctor and again their own test came out positive again.
The groom said he had never slept with the girl hence he couldn't go on with the wedding.
Despite the wedding being called off, guests still sat down to eat and drink and even pack souvenirs.
Worst part of it is that the man's people still had the guts to pack the wedding cake, wine and other drinks as well as souvenirs and it was not the guy that bought any of those thing.
All this time the poor bride still in her wedding gown kept crying and insisting she wasn't pregnant.

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