Friday, February 28, 2014

Teacher had sex with her 16-yr-old student to avenge husband's affair

A 35 year old school teacher, Bernadette Smith (pictured left)  narrowly escaped jail sentence this week after confessing that she slept with her 16-year-old student Gary Ralston (pictured right).

Her husband, Brian Smith, 35, has revealed that his wife seduced the boy as punishment for his affair in 2004. He told Daily Record;

'She said I deserved it, that this was payback. I’ve hit a brick wall trying to explain or understand it. I maybe could have understood if she had gone with another teacher, or a neighbour, to get back at me. But not a boy, never. Not someone in her care.'
He told how his wife disappeared for a night with the boy, and sent him a text telling him their relationship had to end.
She then switched off her phone, leaving him to desperately try and track her down. She came home the next day while he was getting their children ready for school and confessed the affair."
Bernadette was later arrested , taken to court, where she admitted sexual activitvity with the pupil . 

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