Friday, February 28, 2014

Lagos Theatre Festival: Four Plays, Fringe Shows and Exhibitions

This weekend ( Feb 28 - March 2nd). Lagos Theatre Festival is here. Have you bought your tickets? Four Plays, Fringe Shows and Exhibitions. Freedom Park, Lagos Island.Queen of the Night ( 3.15pm & 6.15pm)

There is a bar in Lagos where there is no good or bad; where all pretenses at right and wrong stop at the door. This place is known as the “Queen of the Night”.

However, the policeman, Kamal, accompanied by his side-kick, Pabina, decides he has had enough of the night-spot’s famed neutrality & enters in pursuit of the fugitive, G.C. & his sister, Sheri. Continue

However they must contend with the laws of the bar itself and its owner, the Queen.
... And it seems there is a price to pay for disobedience.

Make We Waka ( 2pm4pm6pm)
Beyond the park's walls, Lagos city crackles with life. Stories abound; some told, some hidden and some forgotten. Lagos punctures the very air we breathe; but here we ask you to stop, to look, to listen to what the city might have to tell you. Make we waka...

Diagnosis ( 2.15pm & 5.15pm)

Johnnie and Dan are good friends who have gone through hell and high water to escape the realities of Lagos living. They decide to pull off internet scams on innocent victims. Finally, they strike a chord with an Adeline McCulloch from Canada who agrees to fund their imaginary NGO scheme.
Things take a rather unexpected turn when Johnnie’s girlfriend gets in the mix. It gets further complicated as other elements that quite frankly, have no business interfering in this emerging deal!!!

Waiting for a lottery ( 3pm & 5pm)
Lotteries, like auditions, have provided gateways to success and stardom in Lagos - a dreamland surrounded by the waters of survival, dreams and ambitions.  Waiting for a Lottery is a fraudulent reality of one’s struggle for the Golden Fleece borne by the adage of the donkey and the carrot. The play mirrors the opportunities that create the platforms for mediocrity.
Hurry buy your tickets.
Tickets cost 2500 Naira
Please see a link for the Festival here :
Please call 08107803938 for reservations and enquiries

Limited tickets available

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