Friday, February 14, 2014

Kemi Omololu shows off the 3 children she had for 1/2 man

Kemi finally clears the misconception that she had 4 kids for 4 different men…

I don't have 4 children for 4 men, I have 3 children for one man or should I say 1/2 a man who abused me by jamming a pipe in my head. I took care of these kids ALONE from 2 mos-14yrs in the past. I am a MOTHER and will NOT wait on any man to support me or my children. I have never been married and had my kids to know that I had children one day that I'm 90. I never believed in marriage and prolly never will. These are the ONES I TRULY LOVE. One of them is running for U.S Senate in 2016. I am only focusing on the bigger picture. When he gets straight to  The White House like Obama did (no governorship), you can come visit me at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue. When it comes to my family, you know nothing until I tell u. Learn to ask me questions and not write bullshit after the next idiot.

To my sons, I LOVE U. Happy Valentines. 
This picture is 2002

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