Friday, February 7, 2014

It’s the End of the Road for Windows XP and Office 2003!

Do you remember when you first used a computer. It was e-machines. Very solid system then; as were the many other tech brands that have been swept under the carpet by more vibrant product brands over the years. The still image of a lush green meadow that greeted you on th home screen after the usual Windows XP loading bars and fast forward several years later, having to upgrade to Windows Vista and so on.

Matter of fact, Vista was like a major break from the Windows norm and without entirely taking in its features, Windows 7 was launched and was good, not great. Then came Windows 8. Pure class.

Mastery of the art and science of technology. Such ease.  Some people live for the upgrades! Why have some organizations like the very infamous Cyber Cafés, IT driven firms, etc.bluntly refused to upgrade to Windows 8?Are they really skeptical about testing new waters or would they rather stick to the status quo? Or is it because Microsoft still provides support for these old versions of the Windows Operating system? Well, all of that is about to change because, like it or not, global devices and services giant Microsoft has announced the official end of support for Windows XP, Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems and Office 2003 by April 8, 2014 and therefore urges its customers and partners to migrate to Windows 8 and Office 2013 platform.
Now, ending support in this context means that for Windows XP, Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems and Office 2003, partners and customers will no longer receive security updates and technical support from Microsoft, which will result in vulnerability to security threats.

According to Oluyomi Alarape, Datacenter Solutions & Sales at Microsoft Nigeria, “There are several re-engineering and attacks that needs to be catered for as a result of the changing technology landscape. Businesses stand to have huge risks if they do not migrate because there will be no security updates to meet security requirements”

In addition, Windows 8 provides mobile security through Bit locker, “Windows To Go”, is a full version of Windows 8 on a USB stick which readily support BYOD “Bring Your Own Device” initiatives.

Awawu Olumide-Sojinrin, Acting Country Manager, Microsoft Nigeria while speaking at a media briefing to announce end of support for the Windows XP and Office 2003 in Lagos, explained that Microsoft is proactive in communicating changes that are critical and important to our customers. As a result, she said Microsoft is taking its time to notify its customers and partners ahead of the April 8 2014 deadline.

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s latest operating system for modern businesses, building on Windows 7 fundamentals such as speed, reliability and security while creating a modern platform for the new generation of hardware experiences from tablets and innovative touch devices to traditional desktops and laptops.

So, as the sun sets for Windows XP, Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems and Office 2003 users with April 2014 as the deadline for migration to the Windows 8 platform, there are more benefits and featureslike Speedy Boot Time, Innovative & Dynamic Desktop, Improved Search Function, Windows To Go, Windows Live Syncing, etc., which help businesses bounce off of what to do with their older technology as they look to protect valuable IP and customer information. So, how about we leave Windows XP, Windows XP Professional and Office 2003 in the year 2013 and step into the New Year 2014 with the Windows 8. Deal? Yes deal! Happy migration and happy New Year!

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