Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wivesroundtable Radio Talk Show

Women are very exceptional beings. Whether a society chooses to agree or not, the role of women as Nation Builders cannot be overlooked. They are the pillars that hold a society. They bring children into the world, they take care of their husbands and his family, they take care of their own families as well. An average woman puts her family's wants and needs before hers. Continue...

This responsibility does not come without its own struggles. Sometimes, women just want to hold up their heads and vent! They just want to swap stories and experiences and seek suggestions from other women who can relate with what she is going through. But most times, they can't, for fear of being judged, for fear of being labelled as being 'in a bad marriage', for fear of being insulted. That's where Wivesroundtable comes in.

Wivesroundtable is a radio talk show is a show which runs on 92.3 Inspiration FM, every Thursday from 8.05pm. It gives women a platform to share their stories, air their views, give their opinions and generally just sit back and gist - all in a relaxed atmosphere - with the sole aim of creating a more light-hearted and enlightened woman. We discuss different topics that concern the woman in general and the married woman in particular - social issues, issues concerning children, husbands, inlaws, friends, health, work and life are brought to the table and talked about.

Wivesroundtable also helps men understand a woman's perspective on issues. Listening to women talk about how they feel about a particular subject will help throw light on the dynamics that make the 2 genders different thereby helping men understand women more.

If you are a woman, or you have one in your life (mother, sister, wife or girlfriend) then Wivesroundtable is a show you wouldn't want to miss.Every Thursday from 8.05pm on 92.3 Inspiration FM Lagos.

You can also visit our online platform where you can sign up with a username. This give you the opportunity to share your stories or ask your questions without fear of prejudice or being judged. You get other women to give you suggestions or just generally gist with you!  

Wivesroundtable seeks to create a community of women who can relate with one another, without judgement, and seek to help one another in the journey of life and of marriage. Its achievable!

So, make it a date Thursdays from 8.05pm, 92.3 Inspiration FM. Also visit Sign up and lets get talking!

Wivesroundtable on Inspiration FM is proudly sponsored by Emzor Pharmaceuticals PLC - Makers of high quality pharmaceutical products

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