Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dencia to demolish this pretty house so she can build orphanage

It sounds odd abi…but that’s Dencia for ya. The singer is planning to demolish one of her upscale home in popular area of Buea after the university in Bondoma. I guess that should be in Cameroun. What’s more touching is that , her die hard fans are already pledging to be part of the project. Una see…lol. Says it’s one project that will make her late granny’s proud. I’m also proud of ya. She shared the pic on her instagram with the caption;
The land has two homes I will have to demolish this House and bios the Orphanage. It's Very big and I know God will bless this project and bless me to bless others.My Grandparents are my everything..(sobbing) lol yes I do cry a lot lol..I know my grandpa is proud of me from Heaven as much as he thought u be a lawyer I know he is proud of everything I have achieved..He died when I was 8years old but I remember it like it was yesterday .. (Continue to see pics after cut...

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