Monday, February 24, 2014

Be Your Own Boss And Earn Big By Becoming A Pest Control Expert In Just Two Days


Pest control /fumigation may appear fairly straight forward, but the duties of a professional pest control specialist require a load of pest control training about insects and rodents, pesticides, equipment and a mountain of laws and regulations,safety precaution, relevant licence to get in Nigeria and more.
Become  CEO of  a fumigation company by attending a comprehensive training  on pest control and fumigation.
Those involved in the pest control business can be regarded as guardians of public health as the work they carry out can improve the environment people live in. While many would consider it a straightforward job, it can in fact be complex and interesting work requiring a fair amount of knowledge to carry out well. It follows, therefore, that the workers in the trade need good pest control  training to ensure they are properly equipped to effectively carry out the work and understand what is involved.
Become a pest control expert in just 2days , own your fumigation  company with stipend and earn big. Come learn how to eliminate, reduce and curb enemies of our society that include rodents, pests and d likes. We are now offering training on pragmatic integrated pest control using the latest technical-know-how. Practical exercise follows immediately  with all pest control relevant equipments.   
At Rotimax cleaning company, We are the foremost pest control and fumigation company certified/license to operate in Nigeria. We have histories with many outstanding eateries outlets, banks, hotels, oil companies and manfucaturing  industries. We are an authority in integrated pest management.
The overall aim of a good pest control specialist is to practice integrated pest control. This is where all the knowledge they have gained through training and experience is used to implement a three stage plan for pest control, the three stages being prevention, observation and intervention. Prevention is obviously the best solution although observation and intervention will be required in many cases to deal with a pest.
Training is a key part of gaining the required knowledge for planning and implementing an integrated pest control strategy which will effectively deal with pests without harming the surrounding environment or the health of other species.
It is fairly obvious that training is an important facet of becoming a good pest control professional. Someone looking to enter the business should understand this and be prepared to undertake and also enjoy the training required so that they can gain the knowledge required
This training will be coming up in Abuja on march 21st and 22nd.while this is for Lagos and environs.
Pest Identification
Life history of various pest
Choice of pesticide and formulation
Choice of rodenticides and baiting technique for rodents
Pest and Rodent control methods
 Pesticide safety and potential environmental consequences of the use and misuse of pesticides
Habits and recognition, and the recognition of pest damage
Equipment types, maintenance and calibration
Application techniques, laws and regulations.
Service support policy.

Course fee: N18, 000
Cetification; N2,000
Course duration: 2days. ( Feb 28th  Friday and Saturday March 1st )
There is an option on duration for those who won`t be available to attend on Friday 28th, they can choose to attend two Saturdays running concurrently  (march 1st  and march 8th ).
Date: Feb 28th and March 1st  or  March 1st and 8th.
Time: 9am to 2pm  Friday, 9am to 5pm on Saturday.
Venue: The Excellence hotel ,Ogba. Lagos state
Who to attend?
Recommended for employees desiring to be independent soon,graduates who are yet to be gainfully employed and everybody that wants to be an expertise in pest control industry, pest controllers that wants to develop more on the job.
Please note that first ten people that register will be given free personal protective  equipments and manual sprayers respectively.
For more information call
Blackberry PIN: 2A8E4FC9

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