Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Police Avert Another Explosion In Jos


A bomb has been reportedly defused by security operatives in Jos, Plateau State, after the locals raised the alert.
Scene of May 20 Jos blast
Photo: Scene of May 20 Jos blast. Photo credit: AFP
The bomb allegedly planted in front of Hamza Telephone store on Ahmadu Bello Way was spotted by one of the residents on Monday morning, New Telegraph reports.
Upon receiving the notification from the local, police immediately sent the Bomb Disposal Unit to check the information and deal with the situation in accordance with circumstances. The package really contained the improvised explosion device (IED), which was quickly neutralized by the operatives. Thus the tragedy was averted.
This is coming after a twin explosion in Jos on May 20, with the number of casualties from 118 to 200, and the Sunday blast in the Plateau capital

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