Monday, May 26, 2014

I never said I didn't need a husband, Bimbo Akintola fires

One of Nollywood’s finest actress Bimbo Akintola was a guest on Rubbing Minds hosted by Ebuka Uchendu on Channels TV.  She talked about the missing Chibok girls, her long break from the movie industry, relationship and much more. When Ebuka asked if she truly said she doesn’t need a husband as reported in some social media, Bimbo says…

People like to misquote you. I will repeat it; marriage is important. It is a very serious institution. We go to church, you call your parents, those that watched you grow and you say this is a man you want to be with for the rest of my life. Now if I can’t find that man that I want to be with for the rest of my life, I will rather stay single nothing wrong with that.

She also denies that her career nosedived after she started dating Dede Mabiaku…

That is horrible thing to say…to even think. Dede is like my best friend forever. We will remain friends till I die. He’s like my brother.  Dede has nothing to do with my career. My career is about me. I told you; what I want to show the world. I don’t want a 100yrs from now people are bringing out films and they say that’s our girl Bimbo Akintola let’s see what she has done and everything is erhm party here, party there film. Nothing substantial. That’s not what I want to be remembered for.

I want to be remembered as someone that believed in certain things and worked towards it.  About widowhood rights in the east; Freedom in chains; About education for the girl child; those are the things that matters, that what I’m passionate about. I will do a few good movies but first and foremost a movie that says something.

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