Monday, May 26, 2014

Passers-By Take Photos Of Student Being Raped And Post Them ONline


While the 20-year-old student of Ohio University was being raped in the dark corner of the city, the witnesses were there... to take photos and post them in social media.
The passers-by probably didn't realize they were witnessing the act of rape, thinking it was the passionate public sex.
However, the next day the victim herself reported the rape to police saying she was forced to the act near the university campus, Huffington post reports with reference to Athens police.
Police chief reproached those who shared the photos online, however admitted that they are currently used in the course of investigation and might be helpful in identifying the criminal.
Viewer's discretion required!

Passers-by take photos of woman being raped
Passers-by take photos of woman being raped

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