Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Learn the ABCs of Importation into Nigeria

Many years ago, importation of goods into Nigeria was seen as a difficult task and the reasons were not farfetched. The process of importing things into the country was filled with so many bottlenecks and bureaucratic red tapes. Continue...

Then gradually, things started to take a turn for good and those in the importation business started noticing positive development. Despite the improvement, there were still many issues to resolve. One of such remained the availability of information as regards the issue of importation and exportation in and out of Nigeria. Continue...

Now, every time you think of importing goods into Nigeria and you need information, you can simply log on to  - http://www.nigeriatradehub.gov.ng/

The Nigeria Trade Hub is an interactive portal, designed to assist the importer or exporter, with obtaining correct and timely information. It also provides necessary information about all the Government Agencies required to liaise with to obtain the necessary import permits and certificates that are needed to import or export product into or out of Nigeria.

Based on the product and transaction type selected, the portal will provide details including the regulatory stakeholders of that particular product and transaction type, documents required, the cost of administering those documents, duties and tax payable, the number of processing days and any controls/restrictions that might apply.

In addition to this development, the Nigeria Customs Service recently released the New Import Guidelines, Procedures and Documentation Requirements, which now gives the Nigeria Customs Service the sole responsibility of Destination Inspection, which is inspecting goods at the port of entry into Nigeria. With this new process in place, importers or their agents will be able to start clearing their goods before they even arrive in Nigeria.

For more information on this new guidelines, click on this link:

Or call the 24-hour Nigeria Customs Service Help Desk on;

09 – 4621597, 4621598, 4621599

Or send an email topaarhelpdesk@customs.gov.ng

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