Sunday, February 9, 2014

Knorr Taste Quest Episode 4: Redemption Task

The task on this episode was tagged ‘Redemption task’, and the contestants were asked to take Jollof rice to a whole new level in 40 minutes, using a Kenwood electronic rice cooker. 

As opposed to the individual tasks, the contestants were grouped into two teams for their task of the day. Victor who won the task for last week, and Adetola who was placed on probation, were given the privilege to choose their own team members. Continue...

Each team had six members, and their first task as a group was to a appoint leader for their teams. Victor was selected team leader for his group, while Doom was appointed team leader in Adetola’s team. Their ingredients included; Rice, Ugwu leaves, Raw egg, Steak, Assorted peppers and Knorr cubes.

At the end of the cooking time, Victor’s team made Jollof rice topped with plain Egg Omelet, Warm Salad and Ugwu Salsa, Steak Kebab with the peppers as a garnish, While Doom’s team prepared Jollof Rice with Knorr Pan Fried Steak on a Roasted Bell Pepper Sauce, and a side dish of Ugwu Egg Sauce. 

After strong criticisms for both teams from the Judges, Victor’s team emerged the winner due to their creativity and the team was rewarded with Thirty thousand naira. Doom’s team lost as the judges liked their food but complained that it had too much pepper and was ordinary. Adetola ended up being evicted as she was already on probation and was a part of the losing team. The competition is indeed getting steep, and the contestants are beginning to realize that to be crowned Nigeria’s culinary best, Hot has to get Hotter!!Check out past videos and episodes of the show on  Details of TV showing times can be found on Check out the pictures from this episode, and tell us what you think.


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