Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tragic Moment A Wedding Turns Into A Funeral

A wedding in Iraq turned into the stuff of nightmares after one of the guests who was at the party accidentally shot and killed his friend.

The victim was enjoying himself on the dance floor, when a man dancing opposite pulled out a handgun.

He had intended to let the firearm off in the air - a sign of celebration in Iraq - but appeared to pull the trigger too early and shot his friend in the face.

Dead: The man in yellow stands over his friend after accidentally shooting him in the face

The stricken man fell to the floor like a stone.

It took a few moments for the guests to realise what had happened.

But as the horror started to dawn on those around the victim, who only seconds earlier had been happily dancing away, the perpetrator put the gun back in the belt of his trousers and went to the aid of his fallen friend.

The last we see of the victim is him writhing in agony before the video cuts out.

Celebration: The group of young men dance at the wedding moments before tragedy strikes

Lethal shot: This is the moment the reveler who is just out of the picture pulls the gun from his belt and fires

Horror: The guests realise something terrible has happened and clear the dance floor. The gunman in yellow looks on, while a friend of the victim desperately tries to help

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