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My friend and I once beat up a guy for messing up – Anita Joseph

Anita Joseph
Actress, Anita Joseph, tells ‘Nonye Ben-Nwankwo about her career and why she is seen as a controversial actress
Did you eventually see your FJ Cruiser that armed robbers stole?
No. I didn’t even insure the car. It was just two weeks old. I feel sad anytime I remember it. I thank God I am alive. I was with my two nephews when they accosted us. They took us to Ogun State. Anyway, I still thank God.
 You seem to have moved up in your career
I thank God. The industry has really been favourable to me in recent times. I have been getting roles.
 Was it a movie that made you scrape your hair recently?
Yes. But I just did another job that required me to look like a lady. Now I wear weaves. My hairstyle actually depends on the job I am doing at a particular time.

 What is happening to your music career? Is it still alive?
Oh yes, it is. It is just that movie took over. Movie is a very jealous profession. It will be difficult for you to do movie and music at the same time. Movie has taken the better part of me. But I still cannot stop music. My album is not out.
 You were already an actress before you went into music?
If you regard acting as a jealous profession, how come you went into music?
There was a time the movie industry wasn’t booming and the jobs were not coming as they should. Kenneth Okonkwo and KOK are my godfathers in the movie industry. I met KOK who told me to explore any other talent I had because the industry wasn’t doing well. My friends advised me to sing since I had the talent.
 You featured Flavour in one of your tracks. How did you get him to be a part of it?
Flavour is like an elder brother to me. Where he records his songs is the same place I record mine. It wasn’t difficult getting him on board.
 We heard Charles Inojie beat you up recently.
It is a movie, Ukpaka the Troublemaker. It didn’t happen in real life. The likes of Funke Akindele, Nkem Owoh and Amechi Muonagor are in the movie.
 We also heard how you and your girlfriend beat up one guy recently, was it also a movie?
No. The guy was messing up, so we beat him up. Something happened, although it is not something I really want to talk about.  The guy messed up and we beat him up.
 But ladies don’t just beat up somebody…
Well this is different. He messed up and he got beaten up for it. He is not an actor. He said some things about us that we couldn’t take, so he got beaten up for it.
 Why do people say you are controversial?
I don’t know. It might be because I used to wear skimpy clothes. I really don’t know why I am seen as a controversial actress.
 Apart from the skimpy clothes, you have been linked with so many scandals. A picture of you smoking weed also went viral…
That  was a location picture. I don’t even smoke cigarette let alone weed. Weed is not long when you fold it. I don’t even drink. All the stuff you watch are just acting.
 How come you stopped wearing skimpy clothes?
I noticed that wearing covered clothes fit me more.
 Could it be that your skimpy dressing made Afrocandy say she would want to feature you in her porn movie?
It should be. I have never said anything on that issue.
 You mean you never replied her?
No way. Sometimes, when you hear something, it will just be good for you to shut up.
But really, would you want to feature in her movie?
No! I can’t! How can I do pornography? I can wear short things but I can never do pornography. But I didn’t say anything to her. I learnt she would call me but she didn’t call me. I have never met her. I don’t even know her. She is not my friend.
 How did you feel when you saw her post saying she wished you would feature in the movie?
I was so embarrassed. I was ashamed of myself. Why me? But I didn’t want to react immediately. I read what other actresses she mentioned said. They blasted her. People were waiting for my comments. But I didn’t want to talk. I just kept quiet. It is not good to react when things are very hot. My industry is one that you get spoilt if you want to and you remain a good girl if you desire that as well. You have to be strong-willed to be a good girl. It is alright though. Some people can do porn but certainly not me.
We are Nigerians and there are things our culture cannot tolerate. I don’t even know where she came from. I have not seen her. That was my first time of hearing her name. I had to go and check her out on her Facebook and I was really embarrassed.
 You say you are not a bad person, but you have been linked with so many things…
It is true. Before, I used to sit back and ask myself why people always pick on me. I think it comes with the job. Anything I do causes ‘trouble’. They say that I dated this person and that person. But ever since, I have been dating one man.
 Doesn’t he feel bad when he hears stuff about you?
He is a strong man. Anybody who loves you will stand by you.
 Is he going to marry you?
Soon. But I am not thinking about marriage.
 Are you now friends with Ebube Nwagbo?
We have never been friends. It was just the media that made us enemies. We have never worked together and we have never been friends. But we were not enemies. But she is not a bad person. If they put us together on same set, I would gladly work with her.
We learnt you begged her to forgive you?
That wasn’t what happened. On her birthday, I used her picture as DP of my phone and I wished her a happy birthday. Next thing, I started reading that Anita was begging Ebube. She is not on my Blackberry Messenger list. But people just told her I used her picture as my DP.
 If she is not your friend, how come you used her picture on your DP?
I liked the picture and it was her birthday. I wanted to show her that I wanted peace. I knew the message would get to her and it actually got to her.
 Did she react?
I don’t know, I don’t think so. I didn’t bother to find out.
The major problem back then was Kcee of Kc Presh. Are you still his friend?
You are going to what happened many years ago. I don’t want to get into any of this. However, I am not his enemy. I am not at war with anybody. Please let us move away from this.
 What do you hope to do in the nearest future?
I am going to release my album, get married and settle down.
 So you really wish to get married?
Oh yes but not this year.
Who? The footballer?
Yes. We broke up and we came back again. I am not going to tell you his name. All you need to know is that he is based in Holland. He is from Anambra State.

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