Saturday, August 24, 2013

10 Dumbest Hangover Cures

Nobody likes having a hangover but everyone loves drinking. For centuries, hard drinkers have invented countless ways they can have their booze and not get a hangover too. Here are 10 of the dumbest...

1. Coffee: Sure, it'll make you more awake, but you'll be more awake with a headache and even-worse-dehydration.
2. Drinking Water Before Bed: Sounds good... but it's actually just dumb. Professor Michael Oshinsky of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia discovered that it's the acetates in ethanol that causes hangovers, not dehydration.

3. Eating Raw Eggs: Of course you do this. Take 1/4 ounce Worcestershire sauce, 1/4 ounce Tabasco sauce and one raw egg and drink it, then get salmonella poisoning and throw up! All better.
4. Rubbing Lemons On Your Arm: There's a tradition in Puerto Rico of rubbing half a lemon under one's drinking arm before a night out to prevent a hangover. We're guessing this only works in Puerto Rico, where everything is weirder and, apparently, they don't believe in double fisting.
5. Eating Deep-Fried Canary: This one comes to us from Rome, where Italians actually eat fried bird. Still, we say fry 'em if you got 'em.
6. Lick Somebody, Anybody: Some Native Americans believe that if you exercise, lick your sweat and spit it out, you'll be cured of your drinking problem. Because no one will ever invite you to hang out again.
7. Sheep eyes: Got a hangover in Mongolia? Just eat some pickled sheep eyes in tomato juice. No big deal.
8. Bull penis: In Italy, they believe if you eat dried bull penis, your hangover will be gone because it is now disgusted with you.
9. Pickle juice: Doesn't sound so crazy. Some citizens of Poland believe it works and they looove getting smashed.
10. Rabbit Poop: In the olden days of the USA, people would drink tea mixed with rabbit dung to kill a hangover. Luckily, this has been forgotten with time and common sense.
Do you have something else in mind about unsuccessful ways to prevent hangover? Share with us in comment section...

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