Thursday, August 22, 2013

"PDP's Ill-Wishers Will Be Disappointed," Jonathan Assures

On Thursday, speaking at the opening ceremony of the 62nd National Executive Committee (NEC), at the PDP national secretariat in Abuja, President Goodluck Jonathan said those who didn't believe in unity and competence of the party would be eventually "terribly disappointed".
"And those who continue to think that PDP cannot come together, that PDP cannot manage success will be terribly disappointed," Mr. Jonathan said. "We will go to Eagles' Square and take the right decision for our party."
The {resident said there may be disagreements but the important thing was that the disagreements were finally resolved.
According to him, "Yes in party politics, as I came in the Vice President whispered something to me about some lapse somewhere.
"There may be disagreements and in all institutions even at the family level there must be disagreements and issues. But the key thing that makes life go on is our ability to resolve our crisis. No matter the disagreement, no matter the interests, politics they say is a game of interests.
"We will resolve these differences amicably to make sure that every member of the party is happy. That is the area I commend the elders of the party via the committees set up by the national chairman for going round to see how some of these differences would be resolved at the state level.
"The chairman of BOT has been meeting various groups to make sure that we speak with one voice, and we will continue to speak with one voice," he said.
Apparently referring to the merger of some of opposition parties into All Progressives Congress (APC), the President noted that because of the intimidating credentials of the PDP, political activities had kicked off earlier than expected.
"The chairman said it all: we thought that political activities will not start so early in the country, but because of the intimidating credentials of the PDP, people started meeting, parties started coming together, and new one are being formed, which is a blessing for all of us, all because people are confused about how will they manage PDP and they will continue to be confused."
Mr. Jonathan commended members of the ruling party and assured them that it would carry on its mandate based on its manifesto.
He stated that "no matter what anybody is saying things will be on ground for us, for them to compare what the PDP government is doing."
"A number of things that Nigeria almost forgot about like railways we are bringing them back.
"And I believe that by the time we move into early next year things will become very obvious so even those who doubt us will not have anything to say. We promise that we are going to do that with the assistance if the party."
Mr. Jonathan thanked members of the NEC who found time to attend the meeting despite receiving the notice late.
He stated further, "Let me sincerely appreciate our party members for what they are doing across the country. What the elders of the party are doing, the working committee. The Jerry Gana committee, our governors and the members of the National Assembly for all they have been doing in flying the flag of the party."
Earlier in his welcome address, the National Chairman of the PDP, Bamanga Tukur, said the party would lead by example and act as a beacon of light to others.
"We are the ruling political Party. We must lead by example and act as a beacon of light to other political parties and the people of Nigeria.
"Our party places great premium on the rule of law and due process that is why we resolved collectively that our officers be properly elected in line with the dictates of the law and the Constitution of our great Party," Mr. Tukur said.
He said the ruling party had continued to grow from strength to strength in spite of challenges, adding, "Our political adversaries have been shamed as our Party is now more united than ever.
"The strength and success of our Party lie in its ability to resolve its differences amicably in an atmosphere devoid of bitterness, rancor, acrimony and recrimination. This fact is undisputable and legendary.
"Besides, there are internal organs and mechanisms for conflict resolution in our Party. I encourage our members to explore these avenues in ventilating their grievances and to as much as possible avoid litigations which make a mockery of our stand on peace and stability."
Mr. Tukur said his doors as the national chairman were wide open to all members of the party.
"I run an open door policy that furthers the principles of triple ‘R’ i.e Reconciliation, Reformation and Rebuilding. We need peace and friendly concord in our Party.
"We cannot reach our destination in an atmosphere of bitterness and rivalry. I therefore call on all our party faithful and members across the country to sheath their swords and enthrone enduring peace.
"I want to commend the National Reconciliation Committee for the good work it is doing and encourage our members to take their grievances to the committee or other organs of the party entrusted with the task of restoring peace in the party," the party chairman said.
He paid tribute to Mr. Jonathan "for the able and mature way he has steered the ship of our Nation," adding that "The Transformation Agenda has been hugely successful because of the principled determination of the President to bring to the door steps of Nigerians abundant democratic dividends in line with our party’s manifesto and constitution."

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