Saturday, April 5, 2014

So a Mercedes Benz G Wagon can be easily stolen?

Pardon my ignorance biko, but I thought some cars were extremely difficult to steal? Someone told me that most of these super cars are registered with the car companies that can switch the car off, if stolen, with satellite...or something like that, making it impossible for someone else to drive it? Like I said, pardon my ignorance, don't know much about these things...:-)

Anyway, to the story. A black Mercedes Benz G Wagon with Registration No. GG 868 AL, belonging to a guy named Festus Igbomor of Transworld Holdings Limited, was stolen from where it was parked in Victoria Island last Tuesday.

The police handling the case at the Bar Beach Police Station, said they have launched a manhunt for the robbers, though so far they haven't been able to find the thieves or the SUV. Anyone seen it? :-)

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