Saturday, April 5, 2014

Is it wrong for children to attend church camps?

A member of RCCG thinks it's wrong and explains why. Read what he wrote below...
I am a member of RCCG but am against children under 16years of age attending the Camp due to security and safety reasons. Last night on my way home we came across 3 danfo buses, 2 had adults only and one had children, all going o the camp. The one carrying children had a banner saying "RCCG Jesus arena parish P36". It was heartbreaking to see, I observed the following; continue...

1) The bus carrying adults was locked and secured, the children bus was not, the booth & door were opened, which is dangerous.
2) The adult bus had the adequate numbers of passengers, children bus was overfilled, children lapping each other, at least 20+ plus children, children stuffed in the booth, seating on the hot engine.
3) No adult supervision or chaperone with them. They had an infant on her lap in the booth with the door opened

4)Imagine if another car hit them from behind?

5) Why are they going to the camp? They are not matured enough to attend such events, I can understand if they were traveling with their parents in a secured car & their parents will watch over them.

If there was an accident, people would blame RCCG and the devil, this is human beings not using their common sense. If Pastor Adeboye had seen it, he would have turned them back and sacked the pastor in charge. Unfortunately I couldn't get more pictures. God help us all.

What do you guys think?

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