Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why Women Fake Orgasms


photoAccording to research between 50-67 percent of women have faked orgasms with their partner.

So the big question is why?
Faking it seems to be the way many cope with people and events in their life. For example, one smiles at the co-worker he/she really wants to punch in the face, or pretend to like your best friend's boyfriend when you meet him for the first time. And how many times have you all eaten a meal cooked by someone you love that you really hated, but said it was great anyway?
Women are natural people pleasers and they learn the art of plastering a smile on their face, and being nice to everyone no matter how they feel about them. They are constantly told to be polite, kind, and sweet because that's how a proper lady behaves.
One way this type of people pleasing behavior seems to plague us is in our romantic relationships. Often women put the needs of their partners ahead of their own, and that includes in the bedroom. Being physically intimate with your partner in any way is an experience that connects you on a deeper level. It is one way of expressing your love, or lust for someone, and can be amazing, or not so great.
The goal of sex or intimacy is not always just to achieve orgasm, but it is in fact a wonderful physical bonus of what takes place. Not experiencing that physical bonus does not always mean the sex was bad, and most times just means you or your partner have not communicated your sexual wants or needs to each other yet.

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